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If you are looking to get out of the big city and venture into New Jersey to buy a home, Cranford may be just the place for which you are looking. A small town located in Union County, home to just over 24,000 residents, Cranford is about an hour outside of Manhattan by car or train, and has the Rahway River running right through it. Residents of this charming community enjoy this great location, as well as a long list of remarkable amenities and attractions.

Cranford’s charming city center boasts convenient transportation and plenty of restaurants to suit every palate. The friendly people and shops, which are within walking distance of most homes, are big draws when considering Cranford as your new community. Because of the family-friendly feel and affordable home prices, Manhattan residents often find Cranford a welcome respite from the busyness and expense of the city. With their quaint streets, backyards and an increase in their home’s square footage, homebuyers generally feel they are able to get more house for their money in Cranford. 

In addition to affordable real estate, Cranford has much to offer its residents, including two pools, ten parks, The Cranford Community Center, and The Cranford Canoe Club. They offer plenty of family activities as well, including swim lessons, fitness classes for kids and adults, and canoe and kayak rentals. Additionally, the Cranford community seems to bring to life an air of old-fashioned quaintness with its many festivals and parades happening at different times throughout the year. With all of these wonderful features and amenities, Cranford is must-consider destination for homebuyers looking to relocate in Northern New Jersey.

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