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The town of Nutley, New Jersey, first recognized in 1902, is a tight-knit community with historic buildings and modern urban amenities. With almost 30,000 residents, Nutley also boasts an abundance of natural beauty, courtesy of its 100 acres of park area, and is an excellent place to relax and enjoy a laidback lifestyle. In addition to these great features, it is also a place with numerous opportunities for shopping, dining and entertainment. 

Adding to the appeal of the community, there are many business opportunities for enterprising residents, and those who wish to establish businesses in the city. The Nutley Chamber of Commerce offers networking opportunities through conferences, and also organizes engaging activities for people of all age groups. The city isn’t just a great place to work, but it is also a great place to play. The Nutley Park System includes nine parks with walking areas, playgrounds, and other recreational amenities. Leisure activities and fitness programs for senior citizens form part of the city’s community oriented programs, and the Nutley Museum offers a peek into the city’s history and includes exhibits at a century-old school building, 

Nutley is also home to many heritage buildings. Epitomizing the stateliness of these buildings is the Van Riper House, built in early 18th century. The city’s Historic Preservation Committee oversees identification and maintenance of historic buildings and structures, recording of information about these structures, and services related to preserving historic structures. Nutley real estate includes grand homes in the old quarters of the city, as well as modern apartments in the newest housing developments. Nutley properties typically range from one and two bedroom apartments to stately four, five and six bedroom houses. Major neighborhoods in this remarkable city include Nutley Avenue, Park Square, and River Road, among others, and all of these afford home buyers delightfully diverse housing options.

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